A boat and its passengers require adequate protection against the risks that may occur at sea.

Boat Insurance

Be aware that home insurance generally includes the liability insurance of a boat or a sailboat. But, whether it is powered or sailing, your boat can also benefit from an adapted and more complete insurance. In addition, a certificate of boat insurance will sometimes be required if you want to access certain marinas.

With this type of insurance policy, you are covered if your property is stolen, in case of a collision with another boat, or if you have an accident with a swimmer.

Boat Insurance Longwood FL

The amount of the insurance premium depends on:

  • The age of the boat
  • The value
  • Size
  • The number of guarantees subscribed
  • Engine power (if there is one)
  • The number of boat accidents that you had
  • The navigation area

Boat Insurance: Coverage

The boat insurance policy includes the same coverage as traditional insurance but is adapted to the nautical environment:

  • Civil liability coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Fire coverage
  • Coverage for driver or passenger

With regard to more specific guarantees, we can mention:

  • Passenger coverage: includes salvage and sea search expenses
  • Coverage of equipment: electronic equipment and other facilities
  • The towing of the boat
  • The loss and damage guarantee that covers your boat in case of sinking, grounding, or natural disaster

Insurance That Protects You:

  • Search and rescue costs
  • Compensation for serious injury
  • Reimbursement of medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses remained dependent
  • Capital in the event of death


The Pegasus Boat Insurance allows you to:

  • Occasionally lend your boat without prior notice!
  • The rental of your boat from individual to private!
  • Complete protection for people!

Complete Protection for People

  • Full coverage of the skipper’s civil liability, especially for damage caused by his boat.
  • Liability and personal injury insurance for all persons on board (on board and during water activities from the boat).

The Pegasus Insurance contract covers the hazards of navigation with essential guarantees, including:

  • You are covered if your boat damages other boats or harbor facilities or causes bodily injury to another person.
  • Your boat (boat, sailboat, tender, navigation equipment and accessories) and its contents (objects and personal effects) are protected in case of theft.
  • You benefit from guarantees of assistance including the reimbursement of the expenses of search at sea, if necessary or expenses of towing at sea, in case of breakdown of your boat.